The IE Tab latest version, you can download it from the following link.

Or you can download IE Tab from the following alternative link.
Just right-click "Save link as...", and drag downloaded xpi file into browser window to manually install.

* Mozdev update their download mirror sites every several hours instead of uploading files immediately.
So if you found the file unavailable, please be patient. They are still waiting for processing.
  1. Compatible with Firefox 3.
  1. Improved: Supports to trigger the IETAB loading progress events for multi-tabs.
  2. Fixed: Failed to middle-click switch engine back to FX if the URL has already listed in the filterlist.
  3. Fixed: File->SendLink does not work.
  1. Added: A hidden pref "ietab.handleBookmarkURL" to decide whether removes the IETAB's chrome:// string in bookmark dialog.
  2. Fixed: Failed to load URL (starts with "chrome://ietab/content/reloaded.html?url=") from addressbar.
  3. Fixed: The alert(''); script on page load causes Firefox crash.
  4. Fixed: The HTML code in "reloaded.html" causes 5 warnings show on HTML Validator.
  5. Fixed: Compatible with Fx3.0a3 and SeaMonkey.
  6. Improved: Some descriptions in Options Dialog.
  7. Add locale: id-ID.
  1. Fixed: JavaScript OnKeyDown & OnKeyUp events NOT work.
  2. Fixed: The URL starts with "file:///C|" causes IETAB failed to switch to IE mode.
  3. Fixed: When Firefox startup and the HomePage is loading, user cannot press 'stop' button.
  4. Add locale: fy-NL.
  1. Fixed: UndoCloseTab problem.
  2. Fixed: Memory Leak problem.
  3. Some minor bugs fixed.
  1. Supports enable/disable each rule in the Site Filter.
  2. Improves layout on "IE Tab Options" -> "Context Menu".
  3. Some minor bugs fixed.
  1. Supports SeaMonkey.
  2. Fix the address bar display problems.
  3. Fix the problem when user add URLs to bookmark.
  4. Fix the bug when web page exists an object's ID equals 'IETab'.
  5. Fix the site filter minor bug.
  6. Fix the close window javascript code does not work.
  7. Some minor bugs fixed.
  1. Supports show Progress Meter on statusbar.
  2. Supports show SSL SecureLock icon.
  3. Fix the bug when input ENTER key in textarea jumps 2 lines.
  4. Fix the conflict with firefox 2.0 RSS feeds UI.
  5. Fix the conflict with other extensions that control Stop/Reload buttons.
  6. Fix the conflict with TabMixPlus, the TabbarMenu does not show IETAB menuitems.
  7. Fix the External Application path cannot include Unicode characters.
  8. Add IETAB toolbar button hover/active icons.
  9. Some minor bugs fixed.
  1. Add new locales: bg-BG, el-GR, es-AR, hu-HU, lt-LT, ro-RO, th-TH
  2. Some minor bugs fixed.
  1. Supports XP themes for form controls under Windows XP.
  2. Supresses annoying script errors.
  3. Supports saved passwords in IE.
  4. Fixed Shift+Delete (hotkey for Cut)
  5. Supports IE windows with locked (fixed) size.
  6. Supports built-in popup blocker in Windows XP SP2
  7. Supports regular expressions in the site filter. Start and end the RegExp a slash (/). It works like the regular expressions in JavaScript.
  8. Built-in stop-or-reload (hidden pref, set "ietab.stop-or-reload" to true)
  9. When right clicking on the icon to add a new URL, the domain is detected and used, instead of the whole URL.
  10. Some minor bugs fixed.
  1. add tabbar context menu items.
  2. add external application on context menu.
  3. support ietab settings import/export.
  4. add checkboxs for hidden prefs: "ietab.handleUrlBar" and "ietab.alwaysNewTab".
  5. new tooltip for tool button/statusbar icon/menuitems.
  6. more options for customize context menu.
  7. support external application command line parameters.
  8. improve hook method for menuitem/toolbutton events.
  9. fix some bugs on firefox 1.6a1 nightly build (ie. Find As You Type)
  10. Some minor bugs fixed.
  1. Back, Forward, Refresh, and Stop button can be used in IE Tab.
  2. You can operate IE Tab from the File/Edit/Go Menu now.
  3. The address-bar is not updated to show the change in URL was fixed.
  4. Some locales using Alt-Gr key / Russian keyboard problem was fixed.
  5. Open URL in filter-list have to load twice problem was fixed.
  6. New popup windows from IE could be opened correctly in tabs.
  7. Add a menuitem to personal bookmark context menu.
  8. Support CTRL+LeftClick on IE Tab Button to open URL in External Application.
  9. Use better method to solve the security hole in previous version.
  10. Automatically set focus to embedded IE when you select a tab.
  11. Some minor bugs fixed.
  1. fix a high security risk problem, now plugin will check its function is called by chrome component.
  2. add StatusBar-Icon DragAndDrop function (thanks to Morac)
  3. support [Ctrl]+[Left-Click] on button/icon to open current page in IE by using IEView (if u have installed)
  4. fix send Carriage-Return twice when press enter key
  5. add locale es-AR(Argentina)
  1. synchronize url when switch engine
  2. add locale it-IT(Italian) and tr-TR(Turkish)
  1. fix v1.0.6.1 doesn't work on DeerPark 1.6a1
  2. add locale ru-Ru(Russian)
  1. fix zh-CN, es-ES localization problem
  2. fix ietab cannot read local file if its path include multibyte characters
  1. fix some keys (TAB,DEL,Ctrl+C...) not work problem.
  2. automatic install IETab-Plugin for Firefox 1.0.x Users.
  3. support view .mht(.mhtml) files on Mozilla/Firefox.
  4. add an "IE Tab Options" menuitem to Tools Menu.
  5. support Mozilla Suite, SeaMonkey and Flock!
  6. add locales: ca-ES, cz-CZ, de-DE, es-ES, fr-FR, he-IL, ko-KR, nl-NL, pt-BR
  1. add locale [zh-CN]
  2. add locale [ja-JP]
  3. AutoUpdate Ready!
  1. fix bug: Error in Win9x/Me: gBrowser has no properties
  2. fix bug: locale [pl-PL] doesn't work
  3. ietab options-dialog now have two tabs
  1. fix bug: ietab crash in Firefox 1.0.x ~ 1.4.1
  2. add locale [pl-PL]
  1. fix bug: ietab crash in Firefox 1.5 RC1
  1. add tool-button: [ctrl] + left-click = middle-click
  2. add option: show menuitem icon
  3. add option: focus on new tab
  1. fix ietab urlbar's problem: show "chrome://ietab/content/reloaded.html?..."
  2. tool-button: left-click = switch engine and view in "current page"
  3. tool-button: middle-click = switch engine and view in "new tab"
  4. tool-button: right-click = popup options-dialog
  5. context-menu: on page = view this page in ietab
  6. context-menu: on link = open this link in ietab

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